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our partners

Conner Motorsports is Southern Oregon's premier riding group. We are lucky to be supported by all of these partners and Dealers.  All of them are true professionals and enthusiasts.

Additionally, everyone at Conner Motorsports are active members of our local and state club organizations.  Participating in these organizations ensure we are represented to protect our riding areas and keep our forest and riding area open for everyone to enjoy.

Clubs and Dealers

Snowmobile and Snowbike OEMs

Polaris snowmobile -


Beta Bikes-


Timber Sleds (SnowBike) -

Gear and Parts

C3 Motorsports (Snowbike) -


Klim (Gear) -


509 -

G1 Signs and Banners (custom flags and logos) -


Boondockers Movie(Extreme Movies) -


Thunderstruck (Extreme movies) -

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