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Conner Motorsports is Southern Oregon's premier riding group. We specialize in all things snowmobile and snowbiking. Come and do some extreme mountain riding or rip up the hills on a snowbike. 

While winter and snowmobiling is our biggest sport, we also participate in all things Dunes related and regularly attend track days throughout the spring and summer with a few different track cars. 

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Mark and Julie Conner

Team Owners

Mark and Julie are lifelong Motorsports fans, (well more Mark than Julie). Mark began road racing motorcycles on Yamaha RZ350s and then endurance raced GSXR 750’s in 6 hour and 24 hour endurance races. After starting a career, Mark moved to karting (a little safer when work and family are the main things) and now snowmobiles, snow bikes and track cars. Mark is always looking for more ways to grow the team and compete in any motorsport discipline.

The snow was so deep today_  It was over.webp

Hayden Conner

Team Rider and Driver

Hayden has been riding and racing since 5 years old, from motocross to karting and now snowmobiles and snow bikes. Hayden is our lead tech and just all-around funny dude to have around. Always eager to help on the next project and will happily help anyone that needs an extra pair of hands to dig out or fix something. Riding all over from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon. Hayden rides with some of the best riders in the industry and loves to take others out and help teach what he knows. Some say he may be the team's expert at getting unstuck (mostly because he is an expert at getting stuck).


Hayden also volunteers and works inside the industry and serves on several organizations boards at a local level. 


Alexis Conner

CSO (Chief Selfie Officer) 

Alexis has been the team's main video and photographer for years, she has a unique way of capturing all of the crazy and funny things that happen. Mostly of Carl, Hayden and Taylor. She has occasionally captured a picture or two of Mark, but he has been successful in keeping them out of public view.

When Alexis isn't riding or taking photos, she is back at the shop, helping the team manage all of the paparazzi and autograph requests :)

IMG_0613 (2).jpg

Ricco and Mocha

Team Mascots

Ricco(small dog)is our chief attention grabber; he is always wanting your attention and needs a pet. Mocha (black/white dog) is the best dog EVER!! This is Mark's dog and can always be found around Mark. She is eager to watch and guard over whatever is happening. These 2 go everywhere, from the track to the mountain. They LOVE it all.


Carl  Seeley

Team Rider and Driver

Carl has been riding for Conner Motorsports since 2012. Carl and Hayden grew up together and now can often be found digging each other out of trouble before Mark finds out what trouble they got into. This level of teamwork makes these 2 the perfect test dummies for all the new things at Conner Motorsports. With Carl's strong riding technique he is always able to demonstrate and coach all levels of riders on the correct way to ride and how to handle a snowmobile through any mountain situation.


As with all of the Conner Motorsports team, Carl also donates his time inside the industry and serves in several official board positions with Rogue Snowmobilers.

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Taylor Conner

Team Rider and Driver

Taylor is Hayden's older brother, since his youth he has constantly been riding and crashing bikes, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. At one time Taylor was the team's official helmet tester. While being the lead tester on the team, Taylor earned the credit as the person on the team with the most experience doing scorpions and lawn darts off a sled or snow bike.

Taylor's main job with the team is handling all of the team logistics and web media.


Trystin Parent

Mountain Rider and Snowbike Instructor

Trystin has been with Conner Motorsports since 2019 and is the team's snow bike racer. When not racing Trystin is mostly working on his hair. (Does he have hair or what??)

When the hair is done and the glasses are on, no one can keep up with Trystin on the trails or track. The team's fastest rider, he can wheelie on any type of bike, jump off of or over anything, just like Superman, he "sends it" over everything!

As with all of the Conner Motorsports team members, Trystin also donates his time inside the industry and serves in several official duties and roles for Rogue Snowmobilers.

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