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We love the AirPro kits on all our bikes and we bet you will too - noticeable fork performance improvements without the hassle or $$$$$ of traditional fork upgrades.

With the added weight of a snowbike kit and aggressive riding, you're bound to use up your travel too quickly and run into harsh bottom-out issues. The AirPro Snowbike Bottoming Kit is a quick and simple modification that allows you to add 10-15 PSI to the outer chamber of both spring and air forks, giving you an extra layer of tunability and defense against bottom-outs, or even worse, bent lower tubes.

AirPro even offers a no questions asked lifetime warranty.

The kit swaps back in less than 10 minutes when the bike is ready to ride dirt trails and motocross tracks.

Fitment notes:

Airpro's new kits have all the parts you need and clear instructions which helps everybody! Here's Airpro's helpful guide to help you select the right one:

Another format of the fitment table:

KTM/Husky; WP AER 48 =>  CDAISBK-103

    •2017-current SX/SX-F/TC/FC
    •2017-current XC/XC-F/TX/FX


    •2015-2016 SX/SX-F/TC/FC
    •2014-2016 XC/XC-F/TX/FX
    •2017-Current EXC/XCW/TE/FE

KTM/Husky; Open Bath => CDAISBK-101

    •Up to 2014 SX/SX-F
    •Up to 2013 XC/XC-F
    •Up to 2016 EXC/XCW
    •All 2014 Husky

Most spring forks => CDAISBK-201

    •2008-2012 KX450F
    •2019 KX450
    •2002-2008 CRF450R
    •Up to 2014 RMZ 450
    •2018 RMZ450

Some Honda spring

forks => CDAISBK-201B

    •2009-2012 CRF450R
    •2017-current CRF450R

Showa air forks => CDAISBK-203

    •2015-2018 KX450F
    • 2015-2017 RMZ



C3 Air Pro Pump - Prevent Forks from Bottoming Out

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