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Do you snowbike? Rise your bars - night and day difference for handling and comfort! Higher bars help you get your weight further back, and put you in a reactive stance for aggressive riding in varying terrain.

We wanted some killer, full billet options for our bikes, so that's exactly what we designed. 

  •Sturdy and lightweight - better than spacers

    •Maintain the flex/rigid balance of your stock mounts

    •0.2" horizontal offset allows flexibility with ergonomics and reach distance

    •Tall option is one of the tallest risers on the market

    •Includes custom tool for installation

>> Available with or without normal top caps, since you may or may not be planning on using C3's Top Cap Mount Handguards system.

>> Compatible with 1 1/8" "fatbar" handlebars - this means stock bars might not work with some bikes, including many Honda and Kawasaki.

>> Looking for install instructions? Check here!

C3 Bar Risers - Tall, Mid, Lo

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